Do you need a permit?

If you require your skip to go on the public highway, then you will need a skip permit from your local authority.

Each local authority has different rules, time limits and prices.

If your local authority is not listed then please call our office for further advice.

Surrey County Council:- Requires 3/4 days notice. A licence costs £90 for up to and including 28 days. Licence renewals for a further 28 days cost £90.
Controlled parking zone is extra depending on location.

Hounslow:- Requires 2/3 days notice, the permit will last for 2 weeks and costs £84.55.
Controlled parking zone is extra depending on location

Richmond:- Requires 3/4 days notice. The permit lasts 3 weeks and costs £71.00
If the skip is to be placed in a controlled parking bay, there will be an additional admin charge of £112 which is valid for the period of the licence, and a daily charge for the bay. The daily charge will depend on the controlled parking zone.

*Information correct at time of publication.